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Britt Lloyd Band by Jason Jones
July 2013

I haven't been on the radio for about 3 years, but a few things linger...

 Swag arrived at the station every week or so. Most of it we would give away, but the occasional XXL t-shirt, eagerly awaited CD and, of course, koozies of every shape and size, ended up going home with me. I have a pretty decent collection of koozies, all of which get used on a regular basis by visitors, friends and family.... but there is this one in particular that has hardly ever left my side since I got it. It's the perfect size, weight, level of flexibility, and the perfect hue of military-grade European Woodland camo.

 Thank you Britt Lloyd for sending us the box o' goodies and thank you Dave Wheaton for hooking me up back in 2010. Maybe it was the music (Chrome '89 DeVille played incessantly on KBHT at that time, and still wasn't often enough for my personal taste...) or maybe it was the instant musical credibility I felt by supporting local Texas music... but the day this thing disintegrates due to overuse, I will be forced to hold a memorial service.

 Anyone not familiar with Britt's music, take it from a guy who knows his music and check him out. The rest of you.... just nod in agreement text.https://www.facebook.com/jason.jones.796774

•Adam Odor – Britt Lloyd, Johnny Chops
•Dave Cobb – Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson
•Erik Herbst – Rusty Brothers, Sam Riggs, Thieving Birds
•George Reiff – Band Of Heathens, Brandy Zdan, Lincoln Durham, Shinyribs
•John Ross Silva – Chris King, Courtney Patton
•Lloyd Maines – Slaid Cleaves, Sons Of Fathers, Terry Allen, Tejas Brothers, Two Tons Of Steel, Wayne Hancock
•Rachel Loy – William Clark Green

Song: Dresser Drawer Judges Comments: "Great intro - straight to the point, Good lyric to rhythm match, song has potential for cross market appeal "
Best in Texas Music Magazine Interview
with Britt Lloyd
10 Questions and Answers

Question #2 of 10:

2. How did you come to know that music was where your heart was?

 I’ve always been around music. My mom instilled music in me when I was a young child. She is the one who taught me guitar. She taught me three chords and said, “Good luck;” and basically I took off with it. I have a song called “Ohio” on our album The Ink that describes when I moved to Ohio with my mom. I didn’t have any friends up there, so I played guitar. I would just play every day for hours upon hours. Even before that, before I learned guitar I was recording music on my tape player on the radio. I’ve always known that music would be a part of my life. I recently took a new job teaching music to elementary school kids from K-5 and that is really fitting I think. I am able to express my love for music to them and hopefully get them to feel the same way about it as I do.